• Phone : 8485892612
  • Office Time : 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Address : Plot No. 61, R.M.S Colony, Behind Police Line Takli Nagpur
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Dr. Anushree Mahajan

Director, Rainbow Hearts Preschool

Welcome to Rainbow Hearts Pre-school !

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to welcome you and your children to our Rainbow Hearts Pre- school which is consciously dedicated to creatively shaping and carefully strengthening the foundation of children's life. It is a place where your children will grow, learn and be loved. After the pandemic that lasted for more than two years and has derailed the whole of the world , this upcoming school year will be an exciting time in your children’s lives as they become like little flowers that will bloom now with more freshness and brightness as they take their tiny steps to this Pre- school where we are all ready to hold their fingers and guide their tiny feet in the right direction. We promise to love your children as they grow and learn in a warm and nurturing atmosphere of this Pre- school.

We run four programs viz Pre- nursery, Nursery , KG I and KG II.

We remain committed to bringing out the highest quality of early childhood education and care for your children and your family.

We follow the best core-curriculum and implement it in the best manner and update the same regularly so that our students will meet the standards and are fully prepared for their next stage of schooling.

At the same time through various sports, games and cultural activities we explore their talent and bring it to forth and sharpen their skills.

Here at Rainbow Hearts the children happily and playfully learn all social etiquettes and manners that tells them apart from the other children of their age in the matter of socially acceptable mannerism.

You, as a parent, are making a valuable investment in your child’s life by enrolling your child in Rainbow Hearts Pre-school. We are pledged to helping double your investment not only academically but also in every other respects.

Rainbow Hearts gives utmost priority to the safety and security of your children. Trust us your children are in absolutely safe hands.

We promise you to bring out the best of your children and to turn them into the best of the best children in a very protective and joyful environment filled with parental love , care and kindness. We heartily thank you for the trust you have so abundantly reposed in us!

Dr. Anushree Mahajan

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