• Phone : 8485892612
  • Office Time : 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Address : Plot No. 61, R.M.S Colony, Behind Police Line Takli Nagpur

Active Learning

Our school provides a learning method in which students participate actively or experientially in the learning process.

Expert Teachers

Our expert teacher listens to students and asks questions to help them understand key concepts.

Strategic Location

Our school is strategically located in a location where it will be most useful or have the most significant impact.

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Welcome to Rainbow Hearts Preschool.

Our preschool includes Pre-Nursery, Nursery, KG I and KG II for kids of different age groups. We hope that your child will start the exciting educational journey with us. Choosing the right school for a child is a difficult decision for every parent but our prospectus is designed to give you an insight into our school .A school prospectus cannot answer all of your questions but it should give you and your child an insight into our values and beliefs. There is no better way of choosing the right school for your child than by visiting. The Rainbow Hearts Pre School aims at providing highquality world class education and care.

Our Pre-school Aims

  • To provide stimulating activities and expert guidance to further every child’s individual development.
  • To increase children’s self-motivation and independence.
  • To create a happy, calm, industrious classroom
  • To help children develop their powers of concentration and self discipline.
  • To promote children’s personal, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, moral and spiritual development.
  • To encourage the development of children’s physical control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills in an indoor and outdoor environment.
  • To give children a thorough grasp of the English language, including developing competence in talking, listening and in becoming readers and writers.
  • To provide children with a thorough foundation of numeracy through practical activity.
  • To establish a firm link with the real world, thereby encouraging a love of nature.
  • To provide a foundation for historical, geographical, scientific and technological learning.
  • To develop the child’s imagination, ability to communicate and express ideas and feelings in creative ways and offer creative freedom to the child.
  • To include parents in their child’s journey of learning and development, and offer support and guidance on their own journey as parents of young children.
  • To instill a sense of independence and confidence into the child.
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The Role of Pre-school Staff

The School staff will record the activities your child engages in and to share information with you .The Role of Pre-school Staff will that be of a Facilitator. We have well trained facilitators who know exactly when and how to gently and appropriately guide,/instruct/help a child while he/she is exploring their environment and learning abilities. Our pedagogy is derived from various philosophies, taking the best that each has to offer, while making sure that the Child is at the centre of it all. We have a team of Well trained ,Experienced ,Passionate , Patient , loving empathetic teachers.

Why Choose Us

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Guiding statements

We perceive the basic of imparting an educational experience that is worldclass in every respect and which gets ready kids for global citizenship. A school that commends the way of life of greatness and is an epitome of qualities

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Our Mission

To provide a stimulating learning environment with a creative orientation across the curriculum; maximising individual potential and ensuring students of all abilities are well-developed and supported to meet the challenges of learning and life.

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Our Vision

Our vision at Rainbow Hearts Pre School is to help each kid in their journey to turn into as well as can be expected be, through drawing in them in our rich learning condition and thinking about them with genuine affection. We encourage an enthusiasm for learning and investigation that will last your kid a lifetime, and ingrain in them virtues which regard nature just as individuals and theirsocieties.Our kidswill leave uswith superb aptitudes of autonomy, a capacity to take part in significant play, and information that they areskilled, loveable and importantindividualsfromthe network. Why Rainbow Hearts Preschool? Our classrooms: The classrooms at Rainbow Heart Preschool are attractively beautified, well lit and airy. Lots of natural light and space are our priorities in the classroom designs.

Core Values

Core Values instilled in the formative years of a child's life, is the foundation to a successful life journey.

At Rainbow Hearts Preschool we focus on the following qualities for a child to be independent:

  • Self-management
  • Cleanliness
  • Compassion
  • Individuality
  • Self-learning
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Enterprising Nature Teamwork
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We realize that creating beautiful and accessible environment is of paramount importance as children direct their own leaning with the help of carefully designed leaning aids. We recognize the importance of meeting the unique learning needs of every child by providing a safe, supportive and respectful environment. Through individualized attention that appreciates children's learning styles and differing abilities, by helping them cope with emotional challenges and by providing them guidance to select higher education pathways ,we work for their well-being ,within the school and beyond.

What Parents Say

Rainbow Hearts Preschool is a truly special place.Our child is happy and I have seen her grow emotionally, physically and educationally this year.

Sonam Peter

The staff are very competent and caring professionals who treat each child as if they were their own.

Asma Khan

It’s only been few months for us with this school, but so far our experience is great. This opinion comes from our family, where we own and run a school as well.

Pallawi Singh

Time Table Final Exam 2023-24

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English General Awareness Oral



Hindi Oral & Math Oral



English Written



Math Written



Hindi Written



PT & Craft



General Awareness Written & Drawing

Offers a holistic approach and well-thought out curriculum for the best outcome for our kids.